Taekwondo is…

  • A Modern Concept of an ancient Martial Art.
  • A Modern Sport.
  • A Lifetime Sport for Everyone


  • Taekwondo helps you improve your mental outlook, makes you healthier, and contributes to living a happy life.
  • Taekwondo classes are intense workouts that enhance personal development for children, adults, and families.
  • Taekwondo offers one of the best total body fitness programs for people for all ages, while also focusing on the virtues of discipline, integrity and the value of persisting until goals are reached.

It is easy to get started

All new students at United Black Belt start with a Trial Program designed to give them a chance to observe classes, speak with the instructors, and find out about the benefits of Taekwondo training. Trial programs also include private and group instruction. This allows both children and adults to learn at their own pace and to receive a thorough orientation before making a commitment for ongoing classes.

Training at United Black Belt offers life long benefits but the first step is up to you…Don’t wait any longer.

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